Changes to the Highway Code

Changes to the Highway Code

You may be aware the Highway Code has been updated… but do you actually know what’s changed? Understanding the new rules goes hand in hand with being a safe driver so here we update you on some of the biggest ones.

Pedestrians have priority

The hierarchy of road users has changed, with pedestrians now being seen as the most likely to be injured in a collision. There are three new rules around giving pedestrians the right of way over motorists, cyclists, people riding horses and so on.

Perhaps the most important change is Rule H2, which says that (as a motorist) you should give way to pedestrians who are waiting to cross a road you’re turning in to.

On your bike

As with pedestrians, cyclists have now been given more priority on the roads. The rules for cyclists now state you should leave a 2 metre gap if you’re passing a cyclist at over 30mph and that cyclists should now ride in the middle of a lane if they are:

  • On a quiet road or street
  • In slow moving traffic
  • Approaching a junction or a narrow road

Leaving your vehicle? Best go ‘Dutch’

The Highway Code now recommends a safer way to get out of a parked car, known as a ‘Dutch reach’. It basically means you open a car door with the opposite hand (so, if you’re on the driver’s side you open the door with your left hand).

This makes you reach over, which gives you a better chance of spotting anyone approaching on a bike before you open the door.

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